Cook 77 - Easter Pork Shoulder
27th March, 2016 02:22 PM by BBQ Phil
The main reason I took my ProQ smoker with me to Bribie Island, was for, Easter. I was tasked with lunch - pulled pork.

My wife bought this nice half shoulder and I was a little worried it wouldn't defrost in time, but come 3am when I woke up. It was good. I wasn't though, I was having a damn dermatitis attack.

Still we must solider on. I used very little rub of DL Jardine seasoning this time, as this is a cook for a range of people..

At 3:05am, the chimney was started with the camper burner and then it started to lightly rain. Joy. 20 minutes later, the meat was on with an internal temperature of 10C and the smoker's range hood was 230F.

At 4:25am, it was 350F with and internal temperature of 24C. I then added 2 more chunks of cherry. I figured at this point I would add the water pan, so I could head back inside and binge watch Empire. It was depressing, cold and wet outside. The range hood temp went down to 234F.

At 5:20am, the internal temperature was 49C. At 7:30am, it had hit the stall with 70C. I added some more beads to keep the fire going. At 8:00am, I removed the water pan. At 10:00ish, I put potatoes and corn on.

At 10:30am, the meat's internal temperature was 77C. I then added more beads to try and get it hotter (250F).

At 12pm, people had begun to arrive and it was still sitting on 77C. At 1pm, I took the food off to rest.

I was dead tired at this point and hurting from my dermatitis, so I wasn't in the socialising mood, but I stuck it out and people loved the pulled pork. They'd never tried meat that was smoked that way before and loved it.

Cook 76 - Sausages at Bribie
26th March, 2016 05:29 PM by BBQ Phil
This weekend, I'm at Bribe Island, where my in-laws now live. We managed to pack the ProQ smoker in the back of their 4WD and brought it up for a visit too. Time to show the in-laws how great BBQ smoking can taste. I suggested smoking the sausages they had for dinner. Nothing fancy, but that's okay.

At 3:20pm, I lit the chimney using a camper burner. I got that tip from my friend Ben, as that's what he swears by and after all the trouble I've had with firelighters lately, so I welcome any and all advice.

10 minutes later and all the coals are lit and good to go. I'm liking this.

At 3:40pm, the sausages went on with the rangehood at 210F. At 4:05pm, it had risen to 270F, so I close 2 of the ProQ's vents.

At 4:30pm, I closed all the vents as it was now up to 338F. I turned the sausages and I have to say, the onions look done. At this point, I decided to leave the top lid off to release some of the heat. This got it down to 296F.

Still too high, so I put the water pan in the ProQ with a little bit of water, which helped to stabilised the temperature to 255F.

At 4:55pm, it had gone down to 234F, so I opened one of the vents up. 15 minutes later and the sausages look good enough to eat.

They went down a treat. I think I've converted some more people to the smokey tasty benefits of a BBQ smoker. My father in law loved them so much that he ate 5 for dinner and another 3 for breakfast.

Cook 75 - Pork Rib
14th March, 2016 12:53 PM by BBQ Phil
My wife bought be this huge hunk of meat called a Pork Rib. I rubbed it down the night before with the DL Jardine Steak Seasoning, raw brown sugar and course grains of sea salt.

Then at 9:10am, this morning I got the chimney up and running and it then started to lightly rain, so I put the umbrella up. I used up the rest of my cherry wood chunks for the smoke source today and at 9:50am, I was already starting to have heat issues and the rain wasn't making it any easier. The charcoal doesn't seem to have lit, even though the ProQ's rangehood is sitting at 150-200F.

At 9:55am, the meat went on with an internal temperature of 7C. The rangehood was 200F and rising, so I guess it was lit. Spoke too soon, as at 10:30am, the internal temperature was 12C but the rangehood had dropped to 130F. I fired up a new basket of charcoal in the rain. Stupid firelighters, not lighting again. I grabbed a bunch of paper and that seemed to make it a little easier.

11am and it seems to be going now. Rangehood is up to 170F and rising. At 11:40, it hit 300F, so I added the water pan to the ProQ to bring it down to something more constant. The fire is happy now and so am I. I went off to play some Orcs Must Die ! and then sat down to watch Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Still haven't seen that movie, as I fell asleep during it.

I came back at 2:30pm and it was stuck on 250F with the internal coasting along nicely at 70C.

At 4:40pm, it was on 300F and the internal had stalled for about an hour at 74C. At this point, I decided to take the water pan out of the ProQ and then about an hour later it's internal temperature hit 81C. Time to take it off, wrap it in foil and rest it just in time for dinner.

Cook 74 - Blake Chicken II
28th February, 2016 05:42 PM by BBQ Phil
Little man aka Blake is back again with another one of his cooks. Doing another chicken again, this time, he rubbed it down with the leftover sweet heat rub from last week's Pork Butt.

We also did up a veggie tray with garlic, crushed ginger, olive oil and sprinkled some of the rub on there as well.

At 3:13pm, we light the fire and about 30 minutes later, Blake added the chicken and the veggies tray. The internal temperature of the chicken was 31C and the rangehood was sitting pretty at 300F.

For our smoke source, we used a chunk of cherry wood.

At 4:25pm, the rangehood had dropped to a satisfactory 260F and the internal temperature was at 49C.

Thanks to the cherry wood, the smoke was billowing out and smelled great.

Cook 73 - Pork Butt
21st February, 2016 06:33 PM by BBQ Phil
Today being Sunday, it's a good time to do a serious cook and with that, I custom rubbed down a 2.9kg half shoulder aka butt with the bone in and left that to sit in the fridge overnight.

The rub consisted of 3 tablespoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons smoked paprika and 1 teaspoon cumin, 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of pepper. I'm using plum again today as it gives the meat a subtle sweet smokey flavour.

At 9:10am, I lit the chimney. At 9:30am, stupid firelighters had gone out, so I had to start again with more of them.

At 10am, it was ready to put the meat on. The internal temperature was 9C with the rangehood showing 238F. I shut one of the ProQ's vents and at 10:15am, the rangehood had risen to 270F. Internal was still sitting at 9C.

At 10:30am, it had gotten hotter, so I closed another vent. Rangehood was reading 308F. At 11am, the internal had jumped up to 25C with the BBQduino showing 390F. This was too hot, so at 11:15am, I decided to add the water pan to the ProQ and it immediately went down to 280F.

At 12pm, the internal temperature was 46C and the rangehood was sitting strong at 250F. Two hours later and it was sitting at 240F and the internal temperature was at 71C.

At 3pm, I wrapped the butt in alfoil in tray with it's jus and added water, balsamic vinegar and some of the leftover rub.

At 4pm, it's internal was 80C and the rangehood was 270F. At 5pm, the coals were pretty much exhausted, the internal temperature was 85C and the rangehood had dropped to 220F. I took the meat off to rest at this point.

I was worried it wasn't going to pull but it did and it was delicious.


Cook 72 - Beef Jerky
20th February, 2016 07:11 PM by BBQ Phil
Felt like making some jerky this weekend, so this morning at grocery shopping, I picked up some round steak and a Soy, Honey & Garlic marinade. I put the water pan in the ProQ for this cook, as I want a constant low temperature for the whole cook.

At 3:45ish, the pit on went on and about 20 minutes later, I layers the jerky on the top rack. The rangehood temperature is looking good with a constant temperature of 200-220F.

At 6pm, I checked them and they look the business, but not as stiff as I like, so I left them on a little longer. The BBQduino was reading 237F.

I also added some more water to the pan, gotta keep regulating the temperature through water control. Don't want burnt ones like one of my previous attempts.

At 6:50pm, I added some more water to the pan, which brought the rangehood temperature from 250F to 220F. I also closed 2 vents as we're in the final stages of the cook and then about 20 minutes, took them off to cool and cleaned up the pit.

They turned out ok ... They looked burnt but tasted fine, however, the marinade was very light. Guess I'll stick to my own marinades next time.


Cook 71 - Bacon Roses
14th February, 2016 04:52 PM by BBQ Phil
Earlier in the week, I saw Jess Pryles make Bacon Roses and with today being Valentine's Day and me not being big on flowers, decided that these Bacon roses were something I could get behind. So, with my wife and son being out of the house, I hopped on my bike and rode to the shops to picked up some bacon and toothpicks. They only had 4 rashes in the pack, so took the big bit out and chopped them in half and rolled those. That was more for my eating to be honest.

I also use the last of my heat beads, so I'll have to go and get some more before the next cook. Thanks to the crappy fire starters, I've started using the paper bag that the heat beads come in as kindle to get them going. With that, the chimney was fire up at 10:45am.

At 11:10am, I put the heat beads on and left them for about 5-10 minutes to get all the other beads in the basket going. At 11:20am, I put the bacon roses on, just above the grill and then went inside to watch some episodes of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

At 12pm, some of the bacon pieces were cooking well, whilst others weren't others not at all. I'll come back in 15 minutes ... now they look good. I put them on the end of some skewers and left 3 perfect roses for my wife to see when she got home. The others I ate ... mmm bacon.

It's now 12:20pm and time for the silverside to go on. For my smoking source, I used plum wood chunks and I closed 2 of the ProQ vents as it was already had a nice, high temperature.

At 1:50pm, the internal temperature was 65C and the rangehood had dropped to 222F, so I opened one of the vents. At 2:20pm, the internal temperature was 72C and it was looking great, might have to wrap it soon.

At 2:35pm, it had stalled at 73C, so I wrapping in alfoil with some of it's jus. At 3pm, it was 75C. At 4:20pm, the meat taken off to rest and I basted it some more with jus.

The bacon roses went over a treat. My wife loved them and they seem to have a permanent place in our kitchen now.

Cook 70 - Pork Leg
7th February, 2016 04:42 PM by BBQ Phil
This time around, I'm smoking a pork leg. The night before I rubbed it down with my usual DL Jardine Steak Seasoning. Something about that salt and peppery goodness.

At 10:55am, I lit the fire and the firelighters worked first time. Huh.

I ordered a Stainless-Steel Spice Jar off eBay for $1. Guess I'll use that for my custom rubs when it comes.

At 11:25, the meat went on with an internal temperature of 9C. I went inside to watch some highlights and get pumped up for tomorrow's Super Bowl. At 11:50am, the BBQduino was reading 261F. At 12:25pm, it read 310F, so I closed off one of the ProQ's vents.

At 1:35pm, it was cooked at 77C. I then dumped the leg in a bath of t's own juices and wrapped it in alfoil.

At 3:25pm, it's internal temperature was 93C, so I took it off to rest and waited til it was time to eat.

Cook 69 - Blake's First Cook
31st January, 2016 05:40 PM by BBQ Phil
My son has been watching me and vaguely helping out for awhile now and since I got the ProQ, he's been hassling me to do his own cook on the Smokey Joe. So, when we were out grocery shopping, I saw this little chicken and thought, let's do it. So, I got Blake to make the rub and mix it all together. He then applied it to the chicken and we left that to sit overnight.

At 3pm ... man. Bloody firelighters. I'm getting sick of these environmentally friendly ones that just don't burn. Anyway, 20 minutes later, I had a fire going and 20 minutes after that, Blake put the chicken on the Smokey Joe.

It had an internal temperature of 17C. We then went off to play some Flashpoint: Fire and Rescue. We came back at 4:40pm and it was nearly cooked at 72C. At 4:55pm, it was 83C. I had some corn and chopped up potatoes and onion in a tray with olive oil and herbs. At this point, Blake had started to lose interest at this point and then at 5:40pm, the corn and potatoes came off.

Great little meal and cooked by my son. Something he can brag about at school this week.

Cook 68 - Australia Day Smoked Lamb
26th January, 2016 11:54 AM by BBQ Phil
Happy Australia Day ! And what better way to celebrate than with friends and some lamb. Thanks to that great lamb ad, I was inspired to smoke a leg, so the night before I rubbed the lamb with DL Jardine Seasoning and lots of fresh rosemary. I also stabbed the lamb and put garlic chunks in the holes.

I got up super early this morning and as soon as I go to lit the chimney, it started to pour with rain. I managed to get it started and then rang to get an umbrella to cover it. It's now 5:10am and t's suppose to be sunrise ... but thanks to the dark clouds, it's not

At 5:35am, the pit was lit and t's still raining non-stop. I made a makeshift water pan and managed to get that on during the downpour. The meat is finally on at 5:43am with an internal temperature of 7C.

I waterproofed as best as I could my BBQduino and noticed it was slowly rising at 185F. The overall temperature seems to have dropped due to the rain. I hope it doesn't mess up my timeline too much. I've got a party to go to !

At 6am, it had risen to 9C internal. 6:30am and the BBQduino's temperature was 260F. According to my BBQ mate (little app I wrote to help with cooking times), I'm off by about an hour and 11:30am is when it will be cooked but hopefully this time will refine over the next hour or so.

At 6:38am, the rain stopped and the overall temperature went up. I then closed off 2 of the ProQ's vents. BBQduino reading 292F. Spoke too soon, because 7 minutes later and it began raining again ☔️

It's 7:36am and it's bucketing down now. The internal temperature is 39C with the BBQduino on 305F. At 8:00am after a brief period of sun, the clouds are back and it's looking like a miserable day. BBQduino is at 293F with internal at 48C.

At 8:30am, the internal was 59C and the BBQduino had dropped to 282F. So, I opened the vents up which helped. At 9:00am, the internal temperature had slightly stalled at 64C.

The rain had stopped ant it was starting to fine up. This weather doesn't know what it wants. Slowly getting through the stall. Now at 66C.

At 9:20am, I added some more heat beads to get the temp up for the end. At 9:40am, I wrap the lamb in alfoil with some of it's jus.

Then at 10:50am, I took it off to rest and did some basic cleaning before heading around to my friend's house where we had lots of food to eat, swimming pool to relax in and listen to the Top 20 Drum n Bass of 2015.


Cook 67 - Chorizo Hot Dogs Again
25th January, 2016 04:50 PM by BBQ Phil
After telling my wife how great chorizo hot dogs are, I did them again for her and some friends we had over for a late lunch. This time, I thought I'll smoke them on the ProQ.

At 12pm, I started the fire and around 1pm, I put the chorizos on.

At 1pm, the rangehood temperature was at 200F and then quickly went up to 350F-390F.

At 2pm, I took them off to rest and then grilled the onions in a pan directly over the coals, before enjoying them with good company.

Cook 66 - Chorizo Hot Dogs
20th January, 2016 02:07 PM by BBQ Phil
Just a quick cook today. I felt like having some chorizo hot dogs, after all, they're the best. So, I hopped on my bike and rode to the shops to get some chorizos and some fresh rolls from the bakery.

When I got home, I cooked the chorizos directly over some old beads that I managed to fired up. So, no smoking today, just plain BBQ grilling with the ole Smokey Joe.

They turned out fantastic as usual and went down nicely with some 150 Lashes.

Cook 65 - Playoff Wings n Legs
18th January, 2016 01:43 PM by BBQ Phil
Another day of holidays, however, today, I'm at home watching Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL Playoffs. What better food to eat than some chicken wings n legs. I grabbed some cherry chunks for my wood source and also coated the chicken with my special rub that consisted of:-

2 tablespoons raw sugar
1 tablespoon jalapeños salt
1 tablespoon DL Jardine steak seasoning
3 teaspoons garlic powder
2 teaspoons smoke paprika
2 teaspoons oregano

At 10:15am (during a commercial break), I went out to put the fire on. Very disappointed with these firelighters. I had to use at least 6 of them and by 10:45am, the pit was ready. 5 minutes later and the chicken was on.

At 11:30am, the heat had risen to 350F on my BBQduino. The chicken looked real nice and should be ready to eat soon. Gotta love the hot n fast method. I think add some mall chunks of cherry wood to finish off the last 30 mins or so.

Took them off and was not disappointed. Great flavour and the Broncos pulled off a win. I didn't care who won either way, I'm a diehard Raiders fan.

Cook 64 - Big Ass Pork Shoulder
15th January, 2016 08:17 AM by BBQ Phil
Enough with the small cooks, time to get serious with a Big Ass piece of Pork Shoulder. $41 AUD for 3.5kg. This is one of the biggest pieces of meats I've ever cooked, so I want to treat it gently with some Apple chunks for it's smoke source.

At 10:30am, the chimney was fired up and about 30 minutes later the meat went on. It had an initial internal temperature of 6C internal and rangehood was 160F and rising.

At 11:30am, the smoker was smoking nicely but the rangehood temperature was sitting at 163F. I thought, should I remove the water pan ?!? Is it diffusing too much heat ?!? After mulling it over, I decided to leave it for now and come back at 12pm. When I came back the BBQduino was saying 217F and the ProQ rangehood was saying 175F. Internal temperature of the meat was 15C.

At 12:30pm, it was 22C internal with the BBQduino on 265F / Pro Q rangehood said just over 200F. 20 minutes later, I added some more Apple chunks.

At 1:30pm, it was 37C internal / 262F BBQduino. It was at this point, I decided not to rely on the ProQ rangehood as it's generally about 50F out.

At 2:30pm, it was 52C internal / 255F BBQduino. About 10 minutes later, I added more water to the pan.

At 4:30pm, I removed the water pan out of the smoker as the internal temperature had stalled at 66C with the BBQduino on 230F. After removing the pan, the temperature began to sore. It was 350F and rising on the BBQduino, whilst the internal temperature pretty much stayed the same.

At 5:30pm, finally the internal temperature started to creep up slowly at 70C internal. I then added some extra heat beads to help speed up the process as we were going to be eating in the next hour or so.

At 6:10pm, I was starting to worry as the internal temperature had only hit 73C.

At 6:30pm, it was at 77C and it was time to take it off to rest for about 10 minutes or so, before eating dinner.

Cook 63 - Back for More Jerky
14th January, 2016 02:56 PM by BBQ Phil
After my failed attempt last time, it was time to redeem myself, so I rubbed some round steaks down with Jallelujah Seasoning (Jalapeño Salt) and put them in the freezer. After a couple of hours, I took them out and sliced them up thinly and put them in a bowl with some worcestershire sauce, a little soy sauce and lots of DL Jardine seasoning. Mmmm gotta love that Texan black pepper taste.

As musical inspiration for this cook, I fired up the iOS app for RinseFM and DJ Spyro and StaminaMC were gracing the air waves.

At 8:55am, the chimney was started. Now after being pretty happy that I got those Samba firelighters in a box of 100, I'm now regretting this. Samba firelighters are sh*t. I ended up having to use 7-8 of them, just to get a basic fire going for my chimney.

At 9:15am, the pit was lit. I hooked up my BBQduino again, as it did a really good job, providing me with an accurate reading during the salmon cook.

At 9:38am, the meat was taken out of it's marinated bowl mixture, dried with paper towels and added to the smoker. The rangehood temperature using the BBQduino was showing 126F and rising.

At 9:50am, the BBQduino was reading 155F. The ProQ rangehood seems to be able 50F off. At this point, I closed off 2 of the vents and the third vent was left 1/3 open.

Ten minutes later, the temperature was starting to get a little too high for my liking, over 200F, so I added the water pan with lukewarm water filled to about 1/3. The water pan should definitely help to defuse the heat and give me that low temperature I need for jerky. As a test, I moved the BBQduino probe into the middle of the heat beads and it went up to 300C ! But up top were it counts, the temperature reading was 190F.

At 10:30am, I closed off all vents. BBQduino was showing 210F. Wow, these heat beads once they get going, just keep going and going strong, so about 15 minutes later, I moved the beads around in the fire basket. This then got the rangehood temperature down to 163F ... perfect.

At 11:30am, it had risen to 175F, so I had the top lid slightly off to allow some of the heat to escape. Never thought I've need to do that :)

At 12:30pm, I gave them a taste test. Damn, they were bloody good. So much more flavour using the worcestershire -- it definitely took it up notch.

Cook 62 - Salmon
12th January, 2016 06:40 PM by BBQ Phil
Okay. First I'm going to start off by saying I love sushi. Yep, the raw stuff and especially salmon. I devour salmon nigiri like it's going out of fashion. So, to cook salmon, it's a major no-no in my book, however, my wife had been giving by a relative who is a fisherman, these great looking salmon cuts to use. She wanted them smoked.

So, at 5:10pm the fish went on some alfoil as I don't have any cedar planks to use. The smoke source I used for this cook was cherry wood, hoping it would impart it's rich, dark flavour to the fish.

I got the rangehood temperature up to 238F and was able to keep it there for the next 30-40 minutes. I knew it wouldn't take long, so they were off and it was time to eat. You could definitely taste the smoke, but it's nothing compared to the flavour of eating salmon raw. Still, it was my first seafood cook and I was happy it wasn't terrible.

Unfortunately, I forgot to actually take a picture of the fish, but I did take a couple of snaps of my BBQduino in action.

Cook 61 - Jerky Fail
12th January, 2016 02:39 PM by BBQ Phil
This morning my son and I hopped on our bikes and rode to Bunnings to pick up some briquettes as I was out. The round steak I had chopped up the day before and let marinate overnight in some soy sauce and my leftover custom rub.

I then dried them with a paper towel and sprinkled them with a good helping of DL Jardine Steak Seasoning.

At 11:40am, I fired up the chimney and had the pit going 20 minutes later.

At 12:20pm, I noticed that the briquettes don't seem to have lit as the temperature was really low, so I'm starting up another charcoal chimney. First time trying this different brand of heat beads, maybe they're no good. Anyway, 10 minutes, the meat went on and about 20 minutes later I noticed smoke pouring out of the smoker and the rangehood was at 180F.


At 1:30pm, the rangehood had risen to 220F, which is more than I'd like. I decided to close 2 vents and the other was half closed. Unfortunately, at this point I got distracted watching movies with my son. An hour later and the rangehood temperature had risen to 300F and the jerky had been burnt :(

Oh well ... better luck next time.

Cook 60 - Chaliapin Smoked Steak
11th January, 2016 03:08 PM by BBQ Phil
Since watching the anime Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma) and loving it, there was an episode where Sōma Yukihira makes what is known as Chaliapin steak, a piece of meat that has been tenderised by the enzymes. I read up on this and it was a dish made in 1936 for the Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin when he visited Japan. At the time, he was suffering from toothaches and said, "I want to eat a tender steak." This dish was devised to answer to his request.

So, I grabbed a piece of round steak, a tough piece of meat and chopped up some onions and left them on top for an hour. I didn't have a meat pounder either, so I used my fists like a man. I'm also going to smoke some tomato, potato and carrot.

At 12:34pm, I lit the fire and 15 minutes later, I put the meat and veggies on. I got this wonderful smell of smoke coming from old plum wood chunk from the last cook, as it hadn't burnt all the way through. I then went off and played some Star Wars Battlefront and at 1:15pm, it was smelling awesome. I just had a quick little peek and onions were cooking nicely on top of the steak.

So, how did it turn out ? Well, the steak was tenderer than normal, but nothing special. It was Round steak, which is a tough piece of meat. Maybe next time I'll leave the onions on longer or try a different cut of meat.

Cook 59 - Smoked Jerky
6th January, 2016 12:31 PM by BBQ Phil
Being on holidays, I want to do as much smoking as I can. The night before I marinated some slices of round steak with DL Jardine Steak Seasoning, soy sauce and a little bit of water. The next morning, I took them out of fridge and dried them with paper towels.

At 8:15am, the chimney on and ten minutes later, the pit was lit. I grabbed a big chunk of Plum wood for the smoke source. I had to create an alfoil basket for all the small chunks of charcoal I had. In fact, most of what I bought were small chunks and would fall through the grate. I think I prefer heat beads as they tend to hold their heat longer and of course, are a uniform size compared to charcoal. Sure, lump charcoal smells great but I've found I end up using more.

I started this off with 2 of the vents at half and 1 open fully. At 8:40am, it was sitting nicely at 160F. About 10 minutes later, the rangehood temperature was starting to rise higher, so I closed off one of the vents. I want to try and keep it as low as possible for the jerky cook.

At 9:40am, the rangehood temp was 160F with just one of the vents opened. At 10:30am, the jerky was looking real good. I took a piece off to try and it tasted pretty damn good, just like store bought jerky without the extra toughness (yet). I was very pretty impressed.

At 11:30am, I tried another piece and it had a nice flavour and felt touch; snapped too. My wife said they tasted a little salty but honestly, I didn't pick up on that, probably because I'm use to jerky.

So, for my first attempt. It turned out great. I'm definitely going to do this again. I'll try a different marinade next time for sure.

Cook 58 - Corned Beef
4th January, 2016 08:15 PM by BBQ Phil
After having steaks for lunch, it was time to turn my attention to the silverside. As my wife isn't a fan of chilli or spicy foods, I toned down the amount of DL Jardine Steak Seasoning, I used which was rubbed in with olive oil. I used the sweet and subtle flavour of apple chunks as the smoke source.

At 2:25pm, I fired up a new chimney and 20 minutes later, the meat was on. The rangehood temperature was already sitting at 250F from the previous cook. The internal temperature of the corned beef was 8C.

At 3:20pm, I closed off one of the vents as the temperature had risen to 300F. At 3:45pm, the internal temperature was 41C and the rangehood had dropped to 250F. Looks like I picked the right vents to close :)

At 3:50pm, believe it or not, but it started to rain. I put my umbrella over smoker and opened the vent back up as the rangehood temperature had dropped to 240F. 15 minutes later and it had dropped to 200F. I then decided to add more charcoal and another apple chunk.

At 4:45pm, the internal temperature was 64C and the rangehood temperature was 240F. At 5:10pm, the rangehood temperature was 210F, so I added a couple more chunks of charcoal. Charcoal definitely burns out quicker than heat beads and so needs a little more monitoring.

At 5:30pm, the rangehood temperature dropped to 150F and the internal temperature stalled at 71C. I then wrapped the meat in foil and added more charcoal. This rain is making the cook a little more difficult but I managed to feed the charcoal through the stacker door with no dramas (whilst wearing gloves and using tongs, of course).

15 minutes later and the rangehood temperature was back up to 200F, the the internal temperature was still sitting at 71C.

It was 6:30pm and the internal temperature was 77C - cooked but as there was no rush for dinner, this was a great time to let it just rest.

I must say I prefer smoked corned beef / silverside than the traditional boiled way that my wife prefers. Still she liked this too.

Cook 57 - Round Steaks for Lunch
4th January, 2016 06:59 PM by BBQ Phil
Not sure why we had these in our freezer, but the day before I defrosted them, rubbed them down with some DL Jardine Steak Seasoning and got them out today. As I'm on holidays, I plan to do as much BBQ as possible. The weather is hot and there's not much else to do, so at 12pm, I fired up the chimney with charcoal and dumped more of it in the ProQ basket. 20 minutes later and they were ready.

At 12:30pm, the steaks went on with an onion. 15 minutes into the cook, I adjusted vents to 1/2 open on 2 of them and 1 fully open. The rangehood temperature was up to 300F and the chunk of cherry wood had just started to smoke.

An hour later and the meat was well and truly cooked and smoked. So, I shut the smoker down and it was time to eat. Okay, the round steak was a little tough but nice and smokey flavoured. I had a thought, this meat would be great for jerky. Might have to try that.