Cook 76 - Sausages at Bribie
26th March, 2016 05:29 PM by BBQ Phil
This weekend, I'm at Bribe Island, where my in-laws now live. We managed to pack the ProQ smoker in the back of their 4WD and brought it up for a visit too. Time to show the in-laws how great BBQ smoking can taste. I suggested smoking the sausages they had for dinner. Nothing fancy, but that's okay.

At 3:20pm, I lit the chimney using a camper burner. I got that tip from my friend Ben, as that's what he swears by and after all the trouble I've had with firelighters lately, so I welcome any and all advice.

10 minutes later and all the coals are lit and good to go. I'm liking this.

At 3:40pm, the sausages went on with the rangehood at 210F. At 4:05pm, it had risen to 270F, so I close 2 of the ProQ's vents.

At 4:30pm, I closed all the vents as it was now up to 338F. I turned the sausages and I have to say, the onions look done. At this point, I decided to leave the top lid off to release some of the heat. This got it down to 296F.

Still too high, so I put the water pan in the ProQ with a little bit of water, which helped to stabilised the temperature to 255F.

At 4:55pm, it had gone down to 234F, so I opened one of the vents up. 15 minutes later and the sausages look good enough to eat.

They went down a treat. I think I've converted some more people to the smokey tasty benefits of a BBQ smoker. My father in law loved them so much that he ate 5 for dinner and another 3 for breakfast.