Cook 75 - Pork Rib
14th March, 2016 12:53 PM by BBQ Phil
My wife bought be this huge hunk of meat called a Pork Rib. I rubbed it down the night before with the DL Jardine Steak Seasoning, raw brown sugar and course grains of sea salt.

Then at 9:10am, this morning I got the chimney up and running and it then started to lightly rain, so I put the umbrella up. I used up the rest of my cherry wood chunks for the smoke source today and at 9:50am, I was already starting to have heat issues and the rain wasn't making it any easier. The charcoal doesn't seem to have lit, even though the ProQ's rangehood is sitting at 150-200F.

At 9:55am, the meat went on with an internal temperature of 7C. The rangehood was 200F and rising, so I guess it was lit. Spoke too soon, as at 10:30am, the internal temperature was 12C but the rangehood had dropped to 130F. I fired up a new basket of charcoal in the rain. Stupid firelighters, not lighting again. I grabbed a bunch of paper and that seemed to make it a little easier.

11am and it seems to be going now. Rangehood is up to 170F and rising. At 11:40, it hit 300F, so I added the water pan to the ProQ to bring it down to something more constant. The fire is happy now and so am I. I went off to play some Orcs Must Die ! and then sat down to watch Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Still haven't seen that movie, as I fell asleep during it.

I came back at 2:30pm and it was stuck on 250F with the internal coasting along nicely at 70C.

At 4:40pm, it was on 300F and the internal had stalled for about an hour at 74C. At this point, I decided to take the water pan out of the ProQ and then about an hour later it's internal temperature hit 81C. Time to take it off, wrap it in foil and rest it just in time for dinner.

Cook 74 - Blake Chicken II
28th February, 2016 05:42 PM by BBQ Phil
Little man aka Blake is back again with another one of his cooks. Doing another chicken again, this time, he rubbed it down with the leftover sweet heat rub from last week's Pork Butt.

We also did up a veggie tray with garlic, crushed ginger, olive oil and sprinkled some of the rub on there as well.

At 3:13pm, we light the fire and about 30 minutes later, Blake added the chicken and the veggies tray. The internal temperature of the chicken was 31C and the rangehood was sitting pretty at 300F.

For our smoke source, we used a chunk of cherry wood.

At 4:25pm, the rangehood had dropped to a satisfactory 260F and the internal temperature was at 49C.

Thanks to the cherry wood, the smoke was billowing out and smelled great.