Cook 73 - Pork Butt
21st February, 2016 06:33 PM by BBQ Phil
Today being Sunday, it's a good time to do a serious cook and with that, I custom rubbed down a 2.9kg half shoulder aka butt with the bone in and left that to sit in the fridge overnight.

The rub consisted of 3 tablespoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons smoked paprika and 1 teaspoon cumin, 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of pepper. I'm using plum again today as it gives the meat a subtle sweet smokey flavour.

At 9:10am, I lit the chimney. At 9:30am, stupid firelighters had gone out, so I had to start again with more of them.

At 10am, it was ready to put the meat on. The internal temperature was 9C with the rangehood showing 238F. I shut one of the ProQ's vents and at 10:15am, the rangehood had risen to 270F. Internal was still sitting at 9C.

At 10:30am, it had gotten hotter, so I closed another vent. Rangehood was reading 308F. At 11am, the internal had jumped up to 25C with the BBQduino showing 390F. This was too hot, so at 11:15am, I decided to add the water pan to the ProQ and it immediately went down to 280F.

At 12pm, the internal temperature was 46C and the rangehood was sitting strong at 250F. Two hours later and it was sitting at 240F and the internal temperature was at 71C.

At 3pm, I wrapped the butt in alfoil in tray with it's jus and added water, balsamic vinegar and some of the leftover rub.

At 4pm, it's internal was 80C and the rangehood was 270F. At 5pm, the coals were pretty much exhausted, the internal temperature was 85C and the rangehood had dropped to 220F. I took the meat off to rest at this point.

I was worried it wasn't going to pull but it did and it was delicious.


Cook 72 - Beef Jerky
20th February, 2016 07:11 PM by BBQ Phil
Felt like making some jerky this weekend, so this morning at grocery shopping, I picked up some round steak and a Soy, Honey & Garlic marinade. I put the water pan in the ProQ for this cook, as I want a constant low temperature for the whole cook.

At 3:45ish, the pit on went on and about 20 minutes later, I layers the jerky on the top rack. The rangehood temperature is looking good with a constant temperature of 200-220F.

At 6pm, I checked them and they look the business, but not as stiff as I like, so I left them on a little longer. The BBQduino was reading 237F.

I also added some more water to the pan, gotta keep regulating the temperature through water control. Don't want burnt ones like one of my previous attempts.

At 6:50pm, I added some more water to the pan, which brought the rangehood temperature from 250F to 220F. I also closed 2 vents as we're in the final stages of the cook and then about 20 minutes, took them off to cool and cleaned up the pit.

They turned out ok ... They looked burnt but tasted fine, however, the marinade was very light. Guess I'll stick to my own marinades next time.