Cook 71 - Bacon Roses
14th February, 2016 04:52 PM by BBQ Phil
Earlier in the week, I saw Jess Pryles make Bacon Roses and with today being Valentine's Day and me not being big on flowers, decided that these Bacon roses were something I could get behind. So, with my wife and son being out of the house, I hopped on my bike and rode to the shops to picked up some bacon and toothpicks. They only had 4 rashes in the pack, so took the big bit out and chopped them in half and rolled those. That was more for my eating to be honest.

I also use the last of my heat beads, so I'll have to go and get some more before the next cook. Thanks to the crappy fire starters, I've started using the paper bag that the heat beads come in as kindle to get them going. With that, the chimney was fire up at 10:45am.

At 11:10am, I put the heat beads on and left them for about 5-10 minutes to get all the other beads in the basket going. At 11:20am, I put the bacon roses on, just above the grill and then went inside to watch some episodes of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

At 12pm, some of the bacon pieces were cooking well, whilst others weren't others not at all. I'll come back in 15 minutes ... now they look good. I put them on the end of some skewers and left 3 perfect roses for my wife to see when she got home. The others I ate ... mmm bacon.

It's now 12:20pm and time for the silverside to go on. For my smoking source, I used plum wood chunks and I closed 2 of the ProQ vents as it was already had a nice, high temperature.

At 1:50pm, the internal temperature was 65C and the rangehood had dropped to 222F, so I opened one of the vents. At 2:20pm, the internal temperature was 72C and it was looking great, might have to wrap it soon.

At 2:35pm, it had stalled at 73C, so I wrapping in alfoil with some of it's jus. At 3pm, it was 75C. At 4:20pm, the meat taken off to rest and I basted it some more with jus.

The bacon roses went over a treat. My wife loved them and they seem to have a permanent place in our kitchen now.

Cook 70 - Pork Leg
7th February, 2016 04:42 PM by BBQ Phil
This time around, I'm smoking a pork leg. The night before I rubbed it down with my usual DL Jardine Steak Seasoning. Something about that salt and peppery goodness.

At 10:55am, I lit the fire and the firelighters worked first time. Huh.

I ordered a Stainless-Steel Spice Jar off eBay for $1. Guess I'll use that for my custom rubs when it comes.

At 11:25, the meat went on with an internal temperature of 9C. I went inside to watch some highlights and get pumped up for tomorrow's Super Bowl. At 11:50am, the BBQduino was reading 261F. At 12:25pm, it read 310F, so I closed off one of the ProQ's vents.

At 1:35pm, it was cooked at 77C. I then dumped the leg in a bath of t's own juices and wrapped it in alfoil.

At 3:25pm, it's internal temperature was 93C, so I took it off to rest and waited til it was time to eat.