Cook 52 - Pork Leg
6th December, 2015 06:56 PM by BBQ Phil
It's the weekend, so time to smoke some pork. A leg this time, though my wife wants pulled pork from it, I thought sure I'll give it ago, even though shoulder is the best cut for pulled pork. Starting nice and early at 8am on the dot, I began boiling the large pot of water in the kitchen and then went outside to start the fire in the chimney. I used a light rub the night before which included salt, pepper, smoked paprika and garlic powder.

By 8:35am, the ProQ was fired up with the water on. At 9:10am, I put the meat on, though wasn't 100% impressed with temperature, as noted before the water pan really seems to be sucking up all the heat up. Don't get me wrong, that's what it's suppose to do, defuse the heat and distribute it evenly, it's just I learnt to cook on my Smokey Joe without one.

Anyway half an hour later, the leg is cooking now with an internal temperature of 12C, however the ProQ rangehood temperature had dropped to 150F. I then started up another chimney of beads using paper. I'd watched a number of videos including one with The Amazing Ribs guy, that all said start your chimney with some paper. I'm calling BS. Paper is pretty useless. It went out and never really lit the beads. Say what you will about firelighters but they just work. Since I'm using 100% chemical free, Aussie made ones, I feel better about myself and I add a firelighter underneath the chimney and it's away.

At 10:00am, I added the additional beads to try and kickstart this temperature. 30 minutes later and the rangehood is that 200F and the internal temperature is 25C. I'm now finally starting to smell the cherry wood and boy does it smell good. An hour later, the rangehood is still at 200F but leg is cooking great, now at internal 40C.

I then grabbed some plain beef sausages and put them on the smoker for lunch. My wife and son had gone out, so I figured I'd have pig in a blankets. At 12:10pm, I add another small chunk of wood. The leg's internal temperature was 56C with the rangehoods at 250F finally.

At 1:10pm, the leg's internal temperature was 65C and it was time to take the sausages and onion off for lunch. They tasted fantastic ... a light hint of cherry smoke too. Not the quickest way of cooking sausages but definitely the tastiest.

At 2:10pm, the internal temperature was 72C and it seemed to have hit the stall. I waited to see how it went and an hour later, it was at 75C, so I wrapped the leg in alfoil. I also added some more sausages.

An hour later, it was 79C internal temperature. 5:10pm, it was 83C and the rangehood had dropped down to 200F.

At 5:40pm, the leg came off to rest, sausages came off too and it time for clean up.