Cook 3 - Rosemary Rump, Potatoes and Onion
7th February, 2015 06:38 PM by BBQ Phil
My wife was kind enough to buy me a nice hunk of Rump Roast Beef to BBQ. Once again, not being an expert on how to actually cook it, I grabbed some fresh rosemary from the garden and dressed the meat in a basic seasoning of oil, salt and pepper.

After letting that set in for a couple of hours, I wrapped it in alfoil, along with some potatoes with garlic butter (can't beat that garlic butter :) ) and I thought I'd wrap up an onion and see how that turns out. Truth be told, it turned out awesome along with everything else.

Great juicy meat with a nice rosemary taste that wasn't overpowering the subtle smokey-ness. The potatoes were awesome as always and actually got a good comment from my wife who said she really enjoyed. Fluffy goodness.

We had a special guest with us today on this cook ... Billington, my son's school bear, was visiting at our house on the weekend and so he got in on the action too.