Cook 50 - Smoked Leg of Lamb
15th November, 2015 08:26 PM by BBQ Phil
It's been a couple of weeks since the last cook and my wife had bought this nice leg of lamb for me to smoke. I rubbed the lamb down with a simple rub consisting of just 1 tablespoon of salt and pepper and some ground dried rosemary from my garden. I used lemon juice to make the rub stick.

At 11:35am, I fired up the pit and put the boiling water in the smoker's water pan. I'd taken the leg of lamb out of the fridge and after about 30 minutes, with an internal temperature of 14C, I put the meat on the smoker. The rangehood temperature gauge was steadily rising too.

At 1:45pm, the ProQ rangehood was sitting at 175F, whilst my other rangehood gauge that I put in one of the top vents of the smoker was reading 225F - it always seems to be able a 50F difference between these two gauges. The internal temperature of the lamb was 53C.

At 3:10pm, I started boiling a new pot of water for the pan as it was starting to look low. An hour later and the internal temperature was 70C and my rangehood was 250F, whilst the ProQ one was sitting at 190F.

At 4:45pm, I decided to take the water pan out and the temperature when up to 300F. I did this because the internal temperature had stalled and dropped down to 70C. I also wrapped the lamb in alfoil to help getting through the stall.

30 minutes later and it was back up to cooked internal temperature of 77C, so I took it off to rest and began the clean up / shutdown process of the ProQ. So, how was it ? Fantastic. The smoke ring was amazing, The rub was tasty. I got comments from the wife and in-laws that it was the best lamb they've ever had. Guess I'm doing something right.