Cook 49 - Pork Leg Roast
1st November, 2015 08:38 PM by BBQ Phil
Here we go with the second cook on the ProQ. I used what was leftover from my custom rub from last week. My wife made a comment that my previous rubs had been too peppery -- first I'd heard about it, so that's why I thought putting half the amount of normal rub on there, would satisfy.

I setup the coal basket with a layer of heat heads and I thought I'd try out the minion method. Once again, I used cherry wood for smoke. Going to have to go back to Aussie BBQs and get some more I think.

At 9:20am, the meat went on, after spending last night in the fridge with the rub on it. Unfortunately, my wireless thermometer was playing up and wouldn't get any readings. After resetting the devices and the batteries, it came good. Phew !

Whilst the heat beads in the chimney were heating up, I boiled a big pan of water and added it to the water pan in the smoker. I setup a small alfoil drip catching tray with water and fresh rosemary under the roast. The internal temperature of the meat was at 7C at the start.

40 minutes later and it was at 12C with the ProQ rangehood saying 150F. At 11:30am, the internal temperature was up 40C and the rangehood had cracking the 190F mark and was sitting just above 200F. It was smelling really great and I was very happy with the temperatures as if it keeps going up, it should be cooked in 4 hours at this rate.

At 12:30pm, the internal temperature was 53C. At 1:30pm, it was 59C with the rangehood now sitting back down on 190F. I stoked the fire with some tongs and the rangehood went back up to 200F. Not overly happy with the way this gauge is working so far.

I then refilled the water pan with more boiling water and added all the coals I had -- need to do some shopping. I think I've used 2-3kgs of coals on this cook alone so far and the temperature of the pork was only rising slowly.

At 3:20pm, the 6 hour mark, the internal temperature was 69C with the rangehood showing 180F. 20 minutes later, I took the water pan out and the rangehood went straight up to 250F. The internal was then at 71C.

At 4pm, the rangehood hit 300F without the water pan. Half an hour later and it was at 275F and the meat had hit the perfect internal temperature of 77C. I then foiled the leg and added the jus (small foil tray).

At 5:20pm, the 8 hour mark, it was time to rest the meat and start cleaning up the smoker for next use. The pork didn't pull, but it was delicious. It was tasty and tender. My wife reckoned it was the best cook I've ever done -- I think the lack of pepper was a deciding factor here. Her parents also thought it was "one of the best" I've done too. Just wish I could work out what's going on with the top rangehood and getting it up to temp.