Cook 47 - Lemon Pepper Smoked Chicken
18th October, 2015 08:48 PM by BBQ Phil
Still no ProQ, I've been told next week, yeah yeah I know, I've been hearing that since June. Anyway, just going on auto-pilot today and doing a chicken on the Smokey Joe.

I found in the pantry this spice pack my wife bought awhile ago, it was Hoyts lemon pepper. Great, that goes well with chicken (and in my youth I was addicted to Masterfood"s Lemon Pepper seasoning).

At 3:20pm, I fired up the pit, with the meat going on about 20 minutes later.

My wireless temperature monitor was playing up and giving me weird temperatures, much lower than it should have been. At 5:45pm, the chicken was smelling great and to me it looked fine, but the temperature reading was saying otherwise.

I then decided to take the chicken off and checked it with the my wife's candy thermometer and it was getting a reading of 68C. I took a punt and cut into it and noticed that it was cooked all the way through and it was juicy / tender. Time to eat. I'd have to say the rub was pretty average, but was still nice to eat.

Oh by the way, that picture in the bottom left, is me using my old iPhone and an app called ManyThing to have a remote live video feed of my smoker. I was actually inside with the family playing Cinque Terre (I won too !)