Cook 46 - Big Ass Pork Butt
8th October, 2015 08:49 PM by BBQ Phil
I had been told that I was getting my smoker this weekend, so my wife bought a big ass piece Pork butt to smoke. Unfortunately, the smoker didn"t arrive, so I got it ready for a long smoke on the Smokey Joe. The night before I rubbed down the pork with my own special blend:-

1 x tablespoon salt
2 x tablespoons black pepper
3 x teaspoons smoked paprika
3 x teaspoons garlic powder
2 x tablespoons brown sugar

At 8:30am, the pit went on. This meat is way too big for the smoker, going to have to keep monitoring that. For this cook, I used plum chunks and setup lots of heads beads in a half crescent. I put rosemary in the water / drip pan. At 9am, the meat went on with an internal temperate of 6C. 45 minutes later and smoke was billowing out of the Joe, so ran out to check. Yep, the meat was too big and was overhanging, with it's fat dripping directly onto the coals. I did my best to build a heat shield and then kept checking every hour or so.

The meat took on a black / charred look on the outer crust, which was mainly the fat top.

8 hours later and I took the meat off to rest. The fat cap just slide right off revealing the juicy meat on the inside. That night we had the in-laws over for dinner and they enjoyed it too. Hopefully, I"ll have my ProQ for next time.