Cook 44 - Smoking Bacon
22nd September, 2015 04:10 PM by BBQ Phil
As it's school holidays at the moment, I had to take the time off work to stay home with my son. Turned out my good friend Mike was on holidays, so he came over for a board gaming session, so I looked for something to smoke for lunch.

There wasn't much in the house, just a package of bacon, corn and veggies. I thought, I've never smoked bacon before, let's see what happens.

At 11am, pit on went on and about 20 minutes later, I added some plum wood chunks and I added the corn, bacon, onion and potato. 45 minutes later, we were eating sweet, smokey corn that my friend said was like candy corn :)

At 12pm, I took the bacon and veggies off and we had that on some rolls. The bacon was rather stiff, but had captured the smoke. It was a similar texture to when bacon is broiled but didn't taste crappy like that broiled bacon does.

That night, I ended up watching an episode of BBQ Crawl with Diva Q and on this episode, she had what was called "Pig Candy" ... smoked bacon with BBQ rub and sugar on it. Very similar to what I did, so, I figured next time I do some bacon, I'm doing some pig candy.