Cook 2 - Chicken, Corn and Potato
1st February, 2015 03:05 PM by BBQ Phil
So, for my second cook I thought I'd do some corn. I'd bought some corn and it wasn't the best quality, but I figured I'd see what happened. I grabbed them and some potatoes, covering them in garlic butter and salt & pepper.

As I was doing this, my wife said she had a whole chicken she didn't get around to steaming, so she was going to throw it out. I said hell no, I'm smoking that chook. I didn't really know what to do with it, so I just gave it the same garlic butter treatment as the corn and sliced up a lemon and wrapped it in alfoil.

Going by the wireless temperature monitor, it said 83C was the optimal temperature for Chicken. The BBQ iPhone app I was using called my BBQ timer, said I needed to do 160-170C for 1 hour. I got the Smokey Joe up to around 105C-108C and ended up cooking the bird for 2 hours.

I took the corn and potatoes off after about an hour and they were the juiciest corn and fluffiest potatoes I've ever tasted, with the extra smokey flavour profile. Success.

After 1 hour, I also flipped the chook. At the 2 hour mark, I asked my wife to check it out, as she is the resident Chicken expert in our household. She said, "You've shredded it !" Yeah but do you reckon it's cooked and she was like absolutely, it's all just going to fall off the bone. We'll have that for dinner.

Boy this chicken tasted goooooood. So, juicy and moist and it was indeed shredded. I was on a bit of an endorphin high for the next hour or so. I successfully smoked a whole chicken and it was awesome. Can't wait for cook number 3 now.