Cook 42 - Corned Beef
13th September, 2015 08:57 PM by BBQ Phil
I didn't really have anything to smoke this weekend, but there was some corned beef in the freezer, so the night before I took it out to defrost and then marinated it this morning with some more of the John Henry's rub. Despite the fact I know this is spicy, with such a long cook, there won't be any spice by the time it's done.

It was at this point that I noticed, I'd run out of heat beads ... however, I noticed after getting my father-in-law's pizza oven, he had half a bag of beads, so I used those. I grabbed a couple of chunks of plum wood and at 12:45pm, the meat went on.

I then spent the next 5-6 hours, playing tabletop games with my son such as Flash Point: Fire & Rescue and newly acquired Batman Fluxx. It's a strange game, but I'm sure we'll get the hang of it. I also checked the meat hourly, basting it with it's own jus and some apple juice.

I was getting some great smoke and excellent sweet smokey smells from the plum chunks. At 2:40pm, the meat was cooked, so I took double wrapped it in alfoil, along with the rest of the jus and let it sit. I also did some quick corn on the direct side of heat, turning every couple of minutes. Coated in butter and the BBQ rub, they were delicious.

At 4pm, the smells were phenomenal with the rangehood temp sitting at 300F and the internal had rocketed up to 102C but pretty much stayed there and started to drop in the 90s.

At 6pm, I took the meat off for resting and then half an hour later, was the reveal. My wife was like, what have you done ... it's black ! and I'm was like yeah and push at it and the meat just juiced out and slid away. It was the best damn corned beef I'd ever had.