Cook 41 - Father's Day Chicken
6th September, 2015 06:29 PM by BBQ Phil
Today was Father's Day and we went out for an all you can eat breakfast, so no need for lunch but we'll need something for dinner. I grabbed a chicken and coated it with lemon juice and rubbed it down with the John Henry's Old Stockyard Steak rub I had picked up from American BBQ Australia (same time I got the plum chunks). I'm really enjoying smoking tomatoes and then using them in lots of dishes or just eating them on their own, so I prepped tomatoes, along with some sweet potatoes.

This was also going to be the first time I cooked some meat using the plum chunks, so I was very much looking forward to how it tasted.

At 3:51pm, the chicken went on, surrounded by tomatoes. My son and I then played a couple of gruelling games of Flash Point: Fire & Rescue. First game, the house burnt down and collapsed on us and the next game, we just made it. Also, Netflix had added a bunch of Shaolin Kung-Fu movies to their lineup on Friday, the sign of a good weekend, so I watched a couple.

I think because it was a very calm day with no wind, that the cook was taking a little longer than usually, so at 6:15pm, the chicken went off to rest. About 20 minutes later and no one else was hungry except me, so I dug in. It was very spicy (I liked it but I'm guessing my wife wouldn't have) but full of flavour and so moist, one of the juiciest chickens I've ever eaten. The plum chunk smoke was this lovely sweet flavour too.

Turns out I got a headcold and didn't make it to work on the Monday, so when I got peckish around 2pm after sleeping lots, I ate the other half of the chicken, which was still moist and tasty the next day.