Cook 40 - Tomatoes and Veggies
30th August, 2015 08:44 PM by BBQ Phil
No meat to smoke today, so I felt a little out of sorts, so I said, no problem ... what veggies have we got in the fridge ? I grabbed tomatoes, corn, capsicum and some sweet potatoes. To smoke with this one, I thought I'd try out the plum chunks I bought from American BBQ Australia.

So at 10:40am, I fired it up and at 11am, the tomatoes and capsicum went on. At 12pm, I took them off and the corn went on. This time I didn't wrap the corn in alfoil, I just put it straight on and with no husks. 30 minutes later and the I took the corn off and it was amazing. It had soaked up all the smoke into the corn and each bite was tasty as.

By 1pm, I was all done and had eaten all the corn and sweet potatoes. I saved the tomatoes for later, which my wife ended up using in a meat casserole -- it was good (and smokey flavoured !)