Cook 39 - D.L. Jardine Smoked Chicken
23rd August, 2015 08:17 PM by BBQ Phil
This weekend, I was busy participating in the Ludum Dare Game Jam and so I spent the weekend at a friend's house working on it. The theme for this game jam was You are the Monster and I was working on a board game, more on that later. So, I got home late on Sunday afternoon and at 4:30pm, I quickly grabbed a chicken, marinated it with lemon juice and rubbed it down with some D.L. Jardine's Steak Seasoning, I had picked up from Texas Imports.

At 5pm, the chicken went on and I continued to work on my game - Gammonster. As I started late, it was going to finish late and so at 7:10pm, it came off, ready for resting. I devoured half of it as my wife said she wasn't that hungry and the rub was a little too spicy for her. Duly noted, but I thought it was great.