Cook 38 - Wagyu Rib Roast
16th August, 2015 08:14 PM by BBQ Phil
Today, I'm smoking something very special. My wife surprised me with a Wagyu Rib Roast that she had picked up from Fresh Sensations at Carindale. As this was my first wagyu, I wanted to treat it very carefully and with respect, so for the rub, I decided to use just salt and pepper and use it sparingly. I used mesquite pellets as my smoking agent.

I wanted to smoke some tomatoes so at 1:13pm, the pit went on, with the tomatoes added about 20 minutes later. At 2:55pm, the wagyu meat went on and the tomatoes went into a tupperware container for later. To pass the time, my son and I played a couple of games of Get Bit and Takenoko.

At 5:05pm, the internal temperature hit 77C with the rangehood sitting at 300F. I took the meat off to rest and when it came time to eat, it was fantastic. The smoke was great, the meat was tender and juicy -- in fact, it all got gobbled up that night. I also tried one of the smoked tomatoes and whilst it had taken on the flavour of mesquite, but it was too overpowering and they just didn't taste very good. Too bitter. I'll have to remember that for next time.

We also had a bit of fun today with marshmallows. My son got to try his first toasted marshmallows, but being a kid, he loaded his stick up with mallows and it caught on fire, the stick dropped, I caught it (slightly burning my hands) and then fed it too him. He had melted marshmallow all over his face and he thought it was just great.