Cook 37 - Rack of Lamb
9th August, 2015 09:23 PM by BBQ Phil
The other week, we went to Super Butcher and picked up a rack of lamb. Today, was the day I get to smoke it. After having just done the successful smoked tomatoes, the lamb when on at 2pm. The night before I marinade the lamb rack with lemon juice and rubbed it with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Basically, I didn't want anything too overpowering, I wanted the full flavour of the lamb to come through.

The rangehood was sitting at about 300F for the entire cook and at 3:20pm, the internal temperature of the lamb hit 77C. I then double wrapped it in alfoil and covered it in it's jus. At 3:30pm, it hit 90C, so I spritzed the lamb with some lemon juice and put it back on. Funnily enough, the internal temp went down to 78C and 15 minutes later was back up to 90C. I spritzed it again and it went down to 81C, but quickly went back up.

At 4:20pm, I put the veggies on -- carrots, mushrooms, onions and potatoes. Meanwhile, the lamb's internal temperature was sitting at 84C and not moving.

During this cook, I've found playing the odd tabletop or board game has been a great way to pass the time. My son and I played The Game of Life (80s board game) today ... he ended up with 6 kids ! However, I had a better paying job (Doctor), so I won :) Oh I should also mention that my wife brought out a batch of vietnamese spring rolls she'd whipped up. Nice to have something different to snack on when doing a cook.

At 5:20pm, the lamb went off to rest and I checked the veggies, which unfortunately, weren't ready yet. When it came time to eat at about 6pm, I took them off. The lamb was fantastic and juicy. It didn't get much of a smoke to it, but the rub was subtle and tasted great. My wife also commented that the rub wasn't as pepper-y as usual. I think that's because I've been doing lots of chicken -- note to self, tone down the pepper on the next chicken cook.