Cook 1 - Australia Day
26th January, 2015 04:25 PM by BBQ Phil
This year Australia was being hosted at our house. There was the threat of rain, so as we have a big undercover deck, it was a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, I lost my man card a few years back when my 6 burner BBQ fell apart due to rust and was reduced to using one of those camper butane portable gas cookers. They aren't that bad to use and I have a twin one.

I proceeded to cook up a butt load of meat from steaks, to burgers, to sausages and kevaps. It took awhile (my wife wasn't impressed, but the guests seemed okay with it).

Anyway, it turned out to be a super sunny and hot day and I had prepped the Smokey Joe to cook up my JCBs (Jalapeņo, Cheese and Bacon) also known as Jalapeņo Poppers or Atomic Buffalo Turds in the good ole USA.

As it was my first cook with the Smokey Joe and a Charcoal BBQ for that matter, I stuffed up the initial setup. By this I mean, I had watched a video saying the heat beads can be reused, so as my dad had given me a BBQ with a layer of beads with a little bit of ash on them, I decided to use those.

I used the Chimney starter to get the BBQ going and then about 20 minutes later, the temp dropped dramatically (using the wireless temperature probe in a potato). All the beads had ashed away, so I had to start again. I took the JCBs off the grill and when the BBQ was ready again I put them on.

Now the combination of drinks and sore feet from having been at the other BBQ grilling away, I sort of neglected the JCBs, to the point where they got burnt on the bottom.

Still, I learnt a bit from that cook and how to handle the BBQ including pre and post cleaning.