Cook 34 - Smoked Chicken Thighs
19th July, 2015 08:29 PM by BBQ Phil
Today I took the family to South Bank Parklands for the Regional Flavours Festival and managed to get home by 3pm ... just in time to kick off the pit. Hopefully, in the next week or so, I should have my brand new ProQ smoker, but until then it's Smokey Joe time. I used the leftover rub from Cook 33 and decided to once again use Samba wood chips in a makeshift alfoil smoker box.

I fired up the heat beads and then forgot all about the charcoal that a friend of mine gave me ... doh. Oh well next cook. At 3:55pm, the thighs went on.

At 4:18pm, the rangehood was sitting at 300F and the internal probe's temperate was at 59C. I moved one of the pieces of thighs as it got a little crisped being closest to the direct heat side. At 4:40pm, the veggies on. Then when the internal temperature got up to 90C (83C is when chicken is cooked), I then put the chicken on the direct heat to try and sear them, but they smoked up big time including a few flare ups, so I took them off to rest in a tray wrapping with alfoil.

I spent most of my time reading comics on my iPad, catching up on the Amazing X-Men (2013), whilst listening to Electroriders II. At 5:20pm, the outside weather started to get really cold and dark. That's the problem with winter cooks, I need a flood light or something out here, the torch on my iPhone doesn't overly cut it.

At 5:35pm, the mushrooms and onion were done, but the big ass sweet potato wasn't ready yet. By 6pm, it was. My wife really liked this cook, saying that I hadn't put as much rub as I normally do and she liked it. So, I guess I've been over rubbing it -- is that a thing ? I also told my wife, I'm started to get a little bored with doing chicken, I want some pork shoulder to cook, but it all depends on what meat is on sale when she does the shopping.