Cook 31 - Just Veggies (and Bacon !)
22nd June, 2015 02:38 PM by BBQ Phil
Today I had the day off work to rest from the MS Brissie to Bay 25km ride I did yesterday. I wasn't planning to do a cook today, it's just I was home, it was nice day and I was hungry. So, I went looking through the fridge to see what I could cook up. All the big meats were frozen, but I found a bunch of veggies ... and bacon !

As always, I waited til the grill got hot, so I could then give it a rub down with the BBQ scrubber I have and would you believe it ... the bloody thing feel apart. Cheap crap from Lokkii, I won't be buying any of their products anymore.

Anyway, at 12:50pm, the veggies went on to the pit with indirect. The pit was running quite hot (350F to 400F) due to the wind. Whilst doing the cook, I tuned into iTunes Radio, which wasn't that bad, just an ad every 5-6 songs like Spotify -- though apparently Apple only released this service in the USA and Australia.

At 1:42pm, the veggies were nicely cooked in their rosemary, butter and garlic wraps, so then the bacon went on the direct heat. At 2pm, it was time to eat my late lunch :) and boy, it was a feast.