Cook 29 - Leftover Rub Chicken
14th June, 2015 08:25 PM by BBQ Phil
Today being a Sunday, it was time to get the smoker out and do a chook. For my rub this time, I used rubs, which were leftovers from 2 previous cooks. I also added some garlic powder as well. After all, it is flu season ;)

At 3:30 the pit went on, with me using 3 firelighters instead of 2 -- mainly because I just wanted to use up the last one in the packet I had. At 3:55pm, things were ready to cook, so the chicken went on with an internal temperature of 11C.

At 4:30pm, I rotated the chicken so that it wouldn't get burnt too much on any one side. It's internal temperature was at 67C internal with the rangehood sitting steady at 300F.

30 minutes later and it was ready to take it off, rest it and devour it. And devour it I did. I even had it for lunch the next day.