Cook 27 - Smoked Chicken Wings
25th May, 2015 08:06 PM by BBQ Phil
A few weeks ago, I said to my wife, next time you get some chicken wings I want them to smoke. I then went about doing the usual online research on smoking chicken wings. What I found out is that people don't normally do smoked wings, like smokehouse restaurants will do them, because they smoke everything, but generally people don't. I thought, well it's worth a try and so I rubbed them down with another custom rub. I didn't use any chilli flakes, since my wife had a shot at me for using them on the last rub. So, this one consisted of:-

2 tablespoons sugar brown
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon sea salt
3 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon cumin
2 teaspoon garlic powder

At 3:38 PM the pit went on, with the chicken on about 20 minutes later. I decided to use Apple pellets with this, as I want some smoke, but nothing too strong. At 5:40pm, the wings looked nicely cooked and smelled great.

But how did they taste ? Really delicious, but they didn't taste that different from normally cooking them. For the time that was put into the cook, I think the same results could have been achieved doing them on direct heat in 6-10 minutes. Still, you have to try these things, otherwise, you wouldn't know.