Cook 24 - Mother's Day Smoked Chicken
10th May, 2015 08:54 PM by BBQ Phil
It's days like today where I definitely remember and honour my mother who passed away last year. She never got to see me get into BBQ smoking which is a shame, I think she would have loved it and been very supportive the only way a mother can.

We'd been to breakfast this morning at the Glen Hotel which was nice and packed. Glad we got there early. We then went to Blake's first soccer training and then home to start marinating the chicken with Stubbs Rub. Still loving the herby flavour profile this commercial rub delivers.

I used some fresh mesquite pellets for this cook as I wanted a strong smoke flavour to go with the rub. Plus I think in addicted to mesquite :)

At 4:18pm, the pit went on with an internal temperature of 9C and the rangehood sitting just under 300F. An hour later, I added the veggies. This time I did some carrots drizzled with honey and sweet potato wrapped in alfoil with a sprig of rosemary, butter and salt.

At 6:18pm, everything came off to rest and was pretty soon ready to eat. The sweet potatoes were off the hook. Fluffy buttery rosemary flavour goodness. The carrots turned out awful though. I'm really going to have to work on those. Truth be told I don't put a lot of effort into those. However, the rest of the meal was cooked to perfection. I guess that's what it tastes like when you cook with love.