Cook 23 - Mesquite Smoked Sausages
3rd May, 2015 07:00 PM by BBQ Phil
Just a quick one today, after last time I smoked sausages, I said this is how I'm cooking sausages from now on and so I fired up the BBQ at 5pm and gave them a quick smoke with the BBQrs Delights Mesquite pellets. I'm really starting to love mesquite and the flavour it imparts.

Smoking sausages is easy too, though I did leave them on a little too long and it made the skin a little wrinkled. But that was just cosmetic, the inside was moist as. Smoking sausages is different from direct cooking as the fat helps to cook them from the inside out and as with everything smoked, it tasted great.

I also introduced my 5 year old son to the concept of Pig in a Blanket, which he thought was funny.