Cook 22 - Apple Pellet Smoked Pork Leg
26th April, 2015 07:49 PM by BBQ Phil
Today was a really windy day with 30-40 km/h winds. With that, I knew temperature control as going to be an issue, but I took the plunge anyway. I rubbed the pork leg with what was left of my Big Bob Gibson Dry Rub. I'm almost out, so I'll have to get some more of this stuff. So good. I also decided to use the BBQrs Delights Apple pellets I bought the other week.

At 1:33pm, the meat went on and I noticed the temperature was up around 450F. About an hour later, I rotated the meat, as one of the sides had been well and truly cooked to the point where the fat was produced some really nice crackling. The temperature was running at about 350F at this point. The Apple pellets gave off this really nice sweet smoke, but as for adding flavour to the meat, I couldn't really taste anything special.

This weekend, I took my iPad outside with me and finished off the over the top anime, Kill la Kill and then watched the classic sci-fi, classic Kurt Russell movie, Escape from New York on Netflix.

At 3:30pm, I double foiled and spritzed / basted the meat and used half a brick to keep the lid of the Smokey Joe from coming off. At 4:07pm, the meat was cooked (77C). 4:30pm, I spritzed it again and noticed the internal temperature had shot up to 88C.

After letting the meat rest, my wife then started to shred the meat that she could. There was one chunk on the side of the meat that was tough as, but the rest of it was awesome. So nice and so juicy that I ended up going back for thirds at dinner time and I was going to have some again on Monday night, but turns out my wife ate it all already.