Cook 20 - Stubbs Rubbed Chicken
18th April, 2015 06:51 PM by BBQ Phil
This morning I woke up in a bad way. I had about 10 mosquito bites all over my hands and feet and they were really sore, not like normal bites. My fingers actually started to swell up (by Sunday night, I was in hospital). So, my heart wasn't really into this cook, but my wife wanted chicken for dinner, so chicken it is. I was pretty much running on autopilot, rubbing the chicken with some Stubb's Chicken Rub and putting it onto the smoker not long after that.

I also still didn't have any smoke (pellets or chunks) source to use and I didn't bother with my smoker box and rosemary, so there was no real smoke to this cook. More on that soon.

At 3:50pm, I put the chicken on with a range hood temperature of 235F and 18C internal. I then went off to lie down in bed and watch some Kill la Kill on Netflix and get some rest; I found out that my wireless temperature monitor works in my bedroom too. At 5:15pm, I brought some veggies out to be smoked and at 5:30pm, I noticed the internal temperature wasn't up to what I wanted (77C), so I moved the chicken over to the direct heat to speed up the cooking process.

The chicken came out really juicy, the skin was nice, but you know what ... it lacked flavour ... that smokey goodness. Even my wife commented that it "wasn't as nice" and that it was rather bland. You know they say, if your heart isn't into it, you're not going to produce anything good and that's really what happened. I also said to myself, I'm going to get a smoke source tomorrow ...