Cook 18 - Stubbs Rubbed Chicken
11th April, 2015 05:40 PM by BBQ Phil
I love cooking chicken just as much as I love eating it. It's easy to smoke and the results are amazing. With this chook, I rubbed it the night before with some Stubb's Chicken Rub, which has a great herby flavour to it and had let that stay in the fridge overnight.

At 3:45pm, I fired up the pit with about 8 or 9 Heat Beads briquettes and a bunch of old ones from the last cook. They were still okay and good to use, you just have to be aware if you do a long cook, you're going to get more ash in the bottom of your Weber, which could clog up the bottom vents. Smokey Joe Silvers have this issue, the Gold edition (not like Apple's Gold edition) has vents on the side.

At 4:10 PM, the chicken went on with an internal temperature of 14C. About an hour later, I put the veggies on the direct side. These veggies are wrapped in alfoil with butter and salt. The chicken's internal temperature was around 78C at this point.

At 5:30pm, the range hood was holding steady at 255F with the internal at 89C. Ten minutes later, I took the bird off the BBQ and foiled it and allowed it to rest.

So, there were two things different about this cook than my previous chicken attempts. 1) I'm now using a water pan to catch the fat (saves a little bit of cleaning at the end), but more importantly adds even more moisture to the chicken and 2) as I stated, I foiled the chicken after taking it off and let it rest. With my other cooks, I just took it off and put it on a plate and let it rest. I'm not overly sure if foiling it did anything different to the chicken, but this BBQ is all about trying new and different things.

It was soooo good, I ate up my plate and then starting stripping all the meat I could off the bird and put that in a tupperware container. That's when my wife stepped in and said, hey I haven't had any yet and I said, well it's all there for you, just leave me some leftovers for my sandwich tomorrow. :)