Cook 17 - Smoking Burgers
4th April, 2015 06:11 PM by BBQ Phil
Today I thought I'd try something new, something that generally people grill rather than smoke and that's burgers.

I was still out of pellets for my smoke box, so once again, I filled it with fresh rosemary from the garden. Gotta get my hands on some pellets or wood chunks soon.

So at 4:15pm, I fired up the pit and by 4:38pm, I put the burgers on indirect heat with the range hood temp at around 200C. About 20 minutes later and the internal temperature of the meat was at 72C internal / range hood 185C.

I decided to leave them on a little longer and then at 5:22pm, I took them off to rest. At this point, I got the hamburger buns and put them on direct side (over the coals) and get a little charring to them. It was a nice touch and made all the difference. I think I'll always do burgers like this now.

Oh and that chilli you can see in the bottom corner of the picture, well that's a Trinidad Scorpion from my own bush. I smoked a couple of them, so I could then later make a chilli sauce and get that smokey flavour in it.