Cook 15 - Big Bob Gibson Rubbed Pork Butt
29th March, 2015 07:39 PM by BBQ Phil
Today I wanted to do a long cook. By that, I mean at least 5-6 hours and with that in mind, I grabbed the Pork Butt aka Pork Shoulder that my wife had picked up last week. Of course, I rubbed down that bad boy with some of that sweet/heat Big Bob Gibson dry rub. I really like this rub as it hits all the flavour profiles I like.

At 11:45am, I put the butt on the pit with an initial starting temperature of 9C internal. For the first time, I decided to, as this was a long cook, use a water pan to catch the drippings but also to ensure the pork kept it's moisture content. I'd also run out of pellets, so I didn't have anything to put in my smoke box, so as I have a fair bit of rosemary growing in my backyard at the moment, I used sprigs of it as my smoke base.

At 12:42pm, the internal temperature of the pork was at 43C. An hour later it was at 72C, with me adding rosemary every hour. I got comments from my wife, who said it was sure smelling great.

At 2:00pm, it's internal was 77C and then at 2:45pm, I decided to foil up the pork and spritz it with both apple cider vinegar and used a baster to get some of that dripping/water from the water pan. It's internal temperate was at 86C at this point.

Around 3:45pm, I opened up the foil to spritzed it some more and I noticed that the fat had some bounce. I couldn't use the "fat has split" method, as the pork already had slices/grooves made in it by the butcher.

At 4:45pm, the pork had been cooking for 5 hours, so I decided to take it off and let it rest for an hour. Then I did my usual veggies - potato and onion wrapped in foil with butter and salt. An hour later, they were done and it was time to hook into that pork !