Cook 14 - Stubbs Rubbed Chicken
28th March, 2015 06:08 PM by BBQ Phil
This cook was a bit of a do over. Reason is, I had rubbed / prep-ed a chicken last week, but because I grew fists for nipples and became a real man (and consumed too much alchohol), that chicken ended up getting ... oven roasted.

I know, the shock was too much for me, so here we are to make amends by getting some of this deliciously herby Stubb's Chicken Dry Rub and put it all over the breasts and wings (I don't really eat the legs, my son has those). Another thing that I ordered off the net was a good range hood temperature gauge and I thought, why not just drop it into the top vents of the Weber Smokey Joe, so I can get an idea of the heat coming off this pit.

It's pumping out some heat, where it's starting temperatures are around 200C (392F) and upwards, so I need to work on getting a better diffuser to try and regulate the heat.

On this cook, I cracked open a 3 year old bottle of homemade vodka (was for my 40th) by a friend of mine, Ben Meares. It was gooood, could tell it had an artificial vodka-like flavour to it, but it still had a nice kick to it.

Anyway, back to the chicken. I ended up getting a really nice bark to this chook and the taste was fantastic. Simple two hour cook, no issues, pretty much on automatic through the whole process as I spent most of the time re-watching Stargate Atlantis on the new to Australia streaming service, Netflix via my iPad.