Cook 7 - Porterhouse Steak
1st March, 2015 12:00 PM by BBQ Phil
My wife knows I love smoking meats and when she went shopping the other day, she managed to pick up a 4-5cm $20 Porterhouse Steak for just $8. Bargain ... now what shall I do with it. The night before I made up a spice rub that consisted of Salt and Pepper, Brown Sugar, Cumin, Paprika and Garlic Salt. I might have used a little too much cumin, as that was definitely an overpowering smell from the meat, Anyway, I Glad wrapped it and set it aside in the fridge,

I got up early on Sunday at 8am, started the BBQ and by 8:30am I had the meat on indirect heat with a few other goodies (potatoes, carrots). At around 10am, I took the meat off the BBQ and wrapped it in alfoil and put it back on. At 11am, I took it off to rest and it turned out my wife had organised her parents in laws to come around and help hedge the back trees. So, after helping out with that, it was around lunchtime, so I said, who wants some sandwiches ?

It was go-ooo-ood. The meat had great elasticity to it and tasted great. Might have been a little heavy on the salt, but got no complains from the impromptu worker bees :)